Ilker Yoldas is a freelance graphic designer and blogger at who made these comments on the NewSkin:

" - First off, I think bright yellow on white background really reduces readability. This is especially more significant for the subheadings than the logo. If the yellow was more orange, if the background was black, or if the yellow text had a few pixels wide black border around it - it would be perfect. Here is an example of what I mean: [[1]]

- Navigation and user interface could use a little more work as well because when I go to I'm not sure what to click first. Should I be "creating an account", see what "people are doing now" or find out what "hubs" mean. If it's a new user.. s/he should be able to know what to do as steps 1,2,3 and if it's a current user.. s/he should know where is what. Changing the position of navigation doesn't quite help (especially the search bar) and why not just use a similar UI as wikipedia in the first place since users are already used to it?

- Colors might need a little co-ordination on the rest of the wiki as well. There is yellow (sidebar nav header), black (language selection button), green (edit button), and light green behind "table of contents" inside the wikis with blue hyperlinks!? I don't know.. it just doesn't look "right."

Everything else looks fine for now and congratulations on the great work! "